scheepskoeling 400pxTo-dO and Varga Cooling 2 companies with a combined experience of over 20 years in the refrigeration busines.The last 10 years the focus is set in the maritime aspect of refridgeration.

Our services include,

  • Service and repair of cooling plants, airconditioning systems, pacage cooling units, provision systems, cooling systems for low CO2 tanks, cooling systems for inert gas systems, inall ports and shipyards.
  • Delivering spare parts for all types of refer plants
  • Retrofitting for old refigerants
  • Performing leak tests and commissioning leak tight sertificates
  • rebuilding and overhauling compressors

Our technicians are well trained and taiking frequent update courses to be up to date with te constant changing environment of the refregeration business.

We garantie a 24/7 service 356 days a year

We dont stop there!

Our techniciens can come on board of your vessel and do the repairs while you are sailing to your next port. We can come on board and leave on each port you like. Flying in engineers are availible.

We know the shipping busines is a verry flexibel business, that's why we are to!